Visions and Faces of the Tragic

Visions and Faces of the Tragic

The Mimesis of Tragedy and the Folly of Salvation in Early Christian Literature

Blowers, Paul M.

Oxford University Press






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Preface & Acknowledgments
1: Introduction - Excavating Tragical Perspectives in Early Christianity: Trajectories of Inquiry and Interpretive Challenges
2: Tragical Mimesis and Biblical Interpretation I: Primitive Tragedies in Genesis
3: Tragical Mimesis and Biblical Interpretation II: Exposing and Expounding the Tragic in Sacred History
4: The Tragic Christian Self: Three Late-Ancient Profiles
5: Tragical Conscience: Contemplating the Faces and Bodies of Tragedy in the Foreground of the Church
6: Tragical Pathos: The Expanding Christian Repertoire of Tragical Emotions
7: The Theological Scope of Early Christian Tragical Vision
Epilogue: Hope and the Christian Tragical Pathos
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