Verb-Verb Complexes in Asian Languages

Verb-Verb Complexes in Asian Languages

Pardeshi, Prashant; Kageyama, Taro; Hook, Peter E.

Oxford University Press






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1: Taro Kageyama, Peter E. Hook, and Prashant Pardeshi: Introductory remarks
Part I: Languages of Northeast Asia
2: Taro Kageyama: Between lexical verbs and auxiliaries: The architecture of Japanese verb-verb complexes
3: Hirofumi Aoki and Bjarke Frellesvig: Verb-verb complexes is Old and Middle Japanese
4: Taro Kageyama: Grammaticalization and constructionalization in Japanese lexical compound verbs
5: Hideki Kishimoto: Syntactic V-V compounds in Japanese
6: Yo Matsumoto: The semantic differentiation of V-te V complexes and V-V compounds in Japanese
7: Michinori Shimoji: V-V complexes in Irabu Ryukyuan
8: Hyun Kyung Hwang and John Whitman: Korean verb-verb sequences
Part II: Languages of South Asia
9: Prashant Pardeshi: Classification of complex verbs and the evolution of the compound verb in Marathi
10: Benjamin Slade: Development of verb-verb complexes in Indo-Aryan
11: Peter E. Hook: Births, earthquakes, meteors, and other autogenous expressions: The Hindi-Urdu compound verb and its covert semantics
12: E. Annamalai: The matrix of verb-verb sequences in Tamil
13: Sanford Steever: Verb + verb sequences in Dravidian
14: Bettina Zeisler: Semantically related verb verb combinations in Tibetan and Ladakhi: 1300 years of stable transition
Part III: Languages of Central and Northwest Asia
15: Andrej Shluinsky: -V complexes in Turkic languages: Interaction of lexical and delexicalized verbs
16: Noriko Ohsaki and Fuyuki Ebata: Verb-verb complexes in Central and Eastern Turkic languages
17: Yu Kuribayashi: Turkish and Uyghur V-V complexes in contrast
18: Hisanari Yamada: V-V complexes in Avar
Part IV: Chinese and Thai
19: Kingkarn Thepkanjana and Satoshi Uehara: Verbal complexes in Thai
20: Hsin-hsin Liang and Peter E. Hook: Verb-verb sequences in Mandarin and Hindi-Urdu: A comparison
Index of languages
Index of subjects
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