The Power of Status and Expectations in our Social Lives


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Preface List of Contributors 1: Murray Webster, Jr. and Lisa Slattery Walker: Status and Expectation Processes 2: Joseph Berger: Some History and a Personal Journey 3: Joseph Berger and Murray Webster, Jr.: Anatomy of the Expectation States Research Program* 4: Murray Webster, Jr. and Joseph Dippong: Six Ways to Measure Status and Expectations 5: John Skvoretz: Status Orders as Tournaments: Tests of an Expectation States Model for the Emergence of Status Orders in Task Groups 6: David Melamed and Bradley Montgomery: Graded Status in Expectation State Theories 7: Sarah K. Harkness: Construction and the Spread of Status 8: Scott V. Savage: Status and Power in Exchange 9: Rachel A. Lotan: Equitable Classrooms: A Compelling Connection between Theory and Practice 10: Lisa Slattery Walker: Status Value of Gender, Age, Race, Parenthood, and Beauty 11: Alison J. Bianchi: Expectation States Theories and Organizations: Incorporating the Institutional Logics Perspective for Future Research Agendas 12: Jeffrey W. Lucas and Crosby Hipes: Effects of Mental Illness, Veteran, and Criminal Record Labels on Status- and Stigma-Related Outcomes Index
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