Trauma Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Trauma Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

A Step-by-Step Treatment Manual

Milrod, Barbara; Busch, Fredric; Singer, Meriamne; Chen, Cory

Oxford University Press Inc






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1. Introduction and Overview
2. Core Psychodynamic Factors in PTSD
3. Some Techniques of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy as They Apply to Treatment of PTSD
4. The Treatment Framework of TFPP and Initial Interventions
5. Phase 1: Initial Exploration of Symptoms
6. Phase 1 (Continued): Addressing Specific Symptoms
7. Phase 2: Identifying and Addressing Dynamics, Exploration of the Transference/ Countertransference, and Working Through
8. Phase 3: Termination
9. Extended Example of TFPP Treatment
10. Update in the World of Covid-19
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