Rules of the Flock

Rules of the Flock

Self-Organization and Swarm Structure in Animal Societies

Oxford University Press






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Preface Introduction1: 2: The 8th Plague 3: The Onset of Connectivity 4: The Birds of Rome 5: Spins and Magnets 6: The Rules of the Flock 7: Complexity and Criticality 8: Fiery Clouds in the Jungle 9: The Audible Silence 10: Coupled Oscillators 11: Laser Beams 12: Ways to Go 13: How to Fly 14: Avian Aerodynamics 15: The Ant State 16: Kin Selection: My Sister's Keeper 17: Of Bees and Flowers 18: Communication and Language 19: Epilogue References and Literature Person Index
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