Resilient Clinician

Resilient Clinician

Second Edition

Wicks, Robert J.; Werdel, Mary Beth

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction: Continually Creating New Inner Psychological Space: An Ongoing Process of Mindfulness
Ch. 1: Sensing the Dangers: Chronic and Acute Secondary Stress
Ch. 2: Enhancing Resiliency: Strengthening One's Own Self-Care Protocol
Ch. 3: Replenishing the Self: Solitude, Silence, and Mindfulness
Ch. 4: Daily Debriefing: Mindfulness and Positive Psychology as an Integral Part of the Clinician's Ongoing Self-Reflective Process
Ch. 5: Resiliency in the Era of Tele Mental Health
Ch. 6: Resilience from a System Perspective
Ch. 7: Growing Weary or Wise: Posttraumatic Growth and Meaning Making Towards Wisdom
Epilogue: Clinician: An Honorable Profession, a Meaningful Life

Appendix A: Causes of Burnout
Appendix B: A Sampling of Key Signs and Symptoms of Burnout
Appendix C: Steps for Dealing With Daily Burnout
Appendix D: The Basics of Stress Management
Appendix E: Clinicians' Secondary Stress Self-Awareness Questionnaire
Appendix F: Individual Question Reflection Guide

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