Rent Curse

Rent Curse

Natural Resources, Policy Choice, and Economic Development

Auty, Richard M; Furlonge, Haydn I

Oxford University Press






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Part I: Context
1: Aims, approach, and structure of the study
2: Natural resources, country size and development: A review of the literature
Part II: Emergence of rent-dependent development
3: The rent-seeking legacy of the plantation economy in Trinidad and Tobago
4: The staple trap in high-rent Trinidad and Tobago
5: Low-rent Mauritius as a development counterfactual for high-rent Trinidad and Tobago
Part III: Differential rent-driven development in global regions
6: Agricultural neglect and retarded structural change in Sub-Saharan Africa
7: The evolving role of manufacturing in economic development
8: Prospective growth impacts of export services
Part IV: Analysing the role of rent in economic development
9: The principal findings and some policy implications