Psychology of Journalism

Psychology of Journalism

Bull, Peter; Coen, Sharon

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: Introduction
Sharon Coen and Peter Bull

Chapter 2: Journalism in the 21st Century
Jonathan Hardy

Chapter 3: The importance of visual attention and perception in journalism
Catherine Thompson and Sharon Coen

Chapter 4: Reconsidering Informed and Participatory Citizenship in the Current Media Ecosystem
Maria Elizabeth Grabe and Ozen Bas

Chapter 5: Emotion
Sarah Bachleda and Stuart Soroka

Chapter 6: Norms and Roles
Wale Oni

Chapter 7: Social psychology of identity and stereotyping in the media: The case of refugee media bias
Catherine Lido, Ariel Sawyer & Leyla De Amicis

Chapter 8: Ideology and Culture
Nathalie Van Meurs, Sharon Coen & Peter Bull

Chapter 9: Language and Categorisation
Zira Hirchy & Graziella Di Marco

Chapter 10: Discursive Psychology and Journalism
Jo Meredith

Chapter 11: Visual Communication through Body Movement
Peter Bull

Chapter 12: Conclusions
Sharon Coen and Peter Bull

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