Politics of Revenue Bargaining in Africa

Politics of Revenue Bargaining in Africa

Triggers, Processes, and Outcomes

Ulriksen, Marianne S.; Kjaer, Anne Mette; Bak, Ane Karoline

Oxford University Press






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1: Anne Mette Kjaer, Marianne S. Ulriksen, and Ane Karoline Bak: Politicization of taxation and state-society reciprocity in Africa
2: Marianne S. Ulriksen, Ane Karoline Bak, and Anne Mette Kjaer: Unpacking revenue bargaining: Triggers, processes, and outcomes
3: Ane Edslev Jacobsen: We pay, we act? Conditions for collective action among women informal traders in urban Tanzania
4: Armin von Schiller: Triggers and strategies of revenue bargaining: Evidence from Mozambican municipalities
5: Marianne S. Ulriksen, Lucas Katera, and Jamal Msami: Tax reforms in Tanzania: Where and how are compromises negotiated?
6: Odd-Helge Fjeldstad and Lise Rakner: Lobbying in tax policy making: The case of VAT reform in Tanzania
7: Anne Mette Kjaer and Clayton Arinanye: Service provision or tax exemptions: Revenue bargaining in Uganda's agricultural sector
8: Dan Ngabirano: Maximizing tax and other revenues for strategic rents in Uganda's petroleum sector
9: Moses Khisa, Jamal Msami, and Ole Therkildsen: Campaign financing and revenue bargaining in Tanzania and Uganda
10: Rachel Beach: A third party at the table: How donors and chiefs influence revenue bargaining in Togo
11: Marianne S. Ulriksen, Flora Myamba, and Constantine George: Who should pay? Government and donor bargaining over social protection funding in Tanzania
12: Ane Karoline Bak: Brokered fiscal contracts: Shifting bargaining positions of Senegal's informal commercial sector
13: Ane Karoline Bak, Anne Mette Kjaer, and Marianne S. Ulriksen: Conclusion: The politics of revenue bargaining in Africa
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