Oxford History of Modern China

Oxford History of Modern China

Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.

Oxford University Press






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A Guide to Pronouncing Romanized Chinese
Introduction by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
1: From Late Ming to High Qing, 1550-1792 by Anne Gerritsen
2: New Domestic and Global Challenges, 1792-1860 by Stephen R. Platt
3: Restoration and Reform, 1860-1900 by Robert Bickers
4: Felling a Dynasty, Founding a Republic by Peter Zarrow
5: The Rise of Nationalism and Revolutionary Parties, 1919-1937 by James Carter
6: The War Years, 1937-1949 by Rana Mitter
7: The Early Years of the People's Republic, 1950-1964 by S. A. Smith
8: The Cultural Revolution Era, 1964-1976 by Richard Curt Kraus
9: Reform and Rebuilding, 1976-1988 by Timothy Cheek
10: Tiananmen and Its Aftermath, 1989-1999 by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom and Kate Merkel-Hess
11: China Rising, 2000-2010 by William A. Callahan
12: The People's Leader: The Xi Jinping Era of Chinese Politics by Diana Fu and Emile Dirks
13: The Presence of the Past--A Coda by Ian Johnson
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