Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Volume 1: 800-1558

Oxford University Press






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List of Contributors Abbreviations 1: Rita Copeland: Introduction 2: Rita Copeland: The Curricular Classics in the Middle Ages 3: Marjorie Curry Woods: Experiencing the Classics in Medieval Education 4: Rita Copeland: The Trivium and the Classics 5: Winston Black: The Quadrivium and Natural Sciences 6: James Willoughby: The Transmission and Circulation of Classical Literature: Libraries and Florilegia 7: Nicolette Zeeman: Mythography and Mythographical Collections 8: Rita Copeland: Academic Prologues to Authors 9: Jan M. Ziolkowski: Virgil 10: Suzanne Conklin Akbari: Ovid and Ovidianism 11: Alfred Hiatt: Lucan 12: Winthrop Wetherbee: Statius 13: Marilynn Desmond: Trojan Itineraries and the Matter of Troy 14: Ian Cornelius: Boethius' De consolatione philosophiae 15: Charles F. Briggs: Moral Philosophy and Wisdom Literature 16: Cam Grey: Historiography and Biography from the Period of Gildas to Gerald of Wales 17: Ad Putter: Prudentius and the Late Classical Epics of Juvencus, Proba, Sedulius, Arator and Avitus 18: Dallas G. Denery II: John of Salisbury, Academic Scepticism, and Ciceronian Rhetoric 19: Emily Steiner: Alliterative Poetry and the Time of Antiquity 20: Alastair Minnis: Other Worlds: Chaucer's Classicism 21: Andrew Galloway: Gower's Ovids 22: Robert R. Edwards: John Lydgate and the Remaking of Classical Epic 23: Daniel Wakelin: Early Humanism in England 24: James Carley and Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby: Survey of Henrician Humanism 25: David R. Carlson: John Skelton 26: Nicola Royan: Gavin Douglas' Eneados 27: Cathy Shrank: Finding a Vernacular Voice: The Classical Translations of Sir Thomas Wyatt 28: James Simpson: The Aeneid Translations of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey: The Exiled Reader's Presence Select Bibliography of Ancient Sources General Reference Works for Reception Studies on Ancient Authors and Classical Reception Medieval: Primary Sources Medieval: Secondary Sources Early Humanism: Primary Sources Early Humanism: Secondary Sources
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