Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature

Volume 2: 1558-1660


Oxford University Press






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List of Contributors 1: Patrick Cheney and Philip Hardie: Introduction Part I: Institutions and Contexts 2: Peter Mack: The Classics in Humanism, Education, and Scholarship 3: Stuart Gillespie: The Availability of the Classics: Readers, Writers, Translation, Performance 4: Peter Mack: Classical Rhetoric in English 5: Gavin Alexander: The Classics in Literary Criticism 6: Mark Vessey: Classics and Christianity 7: Jane Stevenson: Women Writers and the Classics 8: Cultural Contexts Curtis Perry: a) Politics and Nationalism Cora Fox: b) Sexuality and Desire Patrick Cheney: c) Literary Careers Philip Hardie: d) Fame and Immortality Part II: Genres 9: Helen Cooper: Pastoral and Georgic 10: Philip Hardie: Epic Poetry 11: Lynn Enterline: Elizabethan Minor Epic 12: William Fitzgerald: The Epistolary Tradition 13: Helen Moore: Prose Romance 14: Roland Greene: Elegy, Hymn, Epithalamium, Ode: Some Renaissance Reinterpretations 15: Susanna Braund: Complaint, Epigram, and Satire 16: Gordone Braden: Tragedy 17: Bruce Smith: Comedy 18: Tanya Pollard: Tragicomedy 19: Bart Vanes: Historiography and Biography 20: Reid Barbour and Claire Preston: Discursive and Speculative Writing Part III: Authors 21: Jessica Wolfe: Homer 22: Elizabeth Jane Bellamy: Plato 23: Maggie Kilgour: Virgil and Ovid 24: Victoria Moul (with a contribution by Charles Martindale): Horace 25: Richard McCabe: Spenser 26: Charles Martindale: Marlowe 27: Colin Burrow: Shakespeare 28: Sean Keilen: Jonson 29: Thomas Luxon: Early Milton Craig Kallendorf: Classical Reception in English Literature, 1558-1660: An Annotated Bibliography Index