Oxford Handbook on Atrocity Crimes

Oxford Handbook on Atrocity Crimes

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Introduction: Atrocity Crimes and Atrocity Studies: Barbora Hola, Hollie Nyseth Nzitatira, and Maartje Weerdesteijn PART I: Atrocity Crimes 1. Genealogy and Etymology of Atrocity Crimes: Jeremy Kuperberg and John Hagan 2. On the Empirical Study of Atrocity Crimes: Catrien Bijleveld 3. Atrocity Crimes as a Different Type of Crime?: Mark A. Drumbl PART II: Etiology and Causes of Atrocity Crimes 4. Origins of Predicting Genocide and Politicide: Risk Assessments and Early Warnings: Barbara Harff 5. Human Rights and Atrocities: Melanie O'Brien 6. Armed Conflict and Atrocities: Understanding Power Dynamics: Jolle Demmers 7. Natural Resources and Atrocities: Kieran Mitton 8. Democracies, Dictatorial Regimes, and Atrocities: Maartje Weerdesteijn 9. Ideologies, Identities, and Speech in Atrocities: Jonathan Leader Maynard 10. Meso-level Dynamics of Atrocities: Rachel Jacobs and Scott Straus 11. Detention, Torture, Disappearance: The Crimes of Atrocious Organizations: Susanne Karstedt PART III: Actors in Atrocity Crimes 12. Individuals as Perpetrators of Atrocity Crimes: Alette Smeulers 13. Individuals as Bystanders to Atrocity Crimes: Roland Moerland 14. On the Margins: Role Shifting in Atrocity Crimes: Erin Jessee 15. Child Soldiers: Myriam Denov and Anais Cadieux Van Vliet 16. Non-State Actors and Atrocity Crimes: Ugur UEmit UEngoer 17. The Involvement of Corporations in Atrocity Crimes: Wim Huisman, Susanne Karstedt, and Annika van Baar 18. The Role of the State in Atrocity Crimes: Christopher W. Mullins 19. The International Community and Atrocity Crimes: The Responsibility to Protect: Alex J. Bellamy PART IV: Harm and Victims of Atrocity Crimes 20. Victimology of Atrocity Crimes: Antony Pemberton and Rianne Letschert 21. How Can Mortality due to Atrocity Crimes be Estimated? Methods and Data Sources: Helge Brunborg 22. Atrocity Crimes and Harm to the Environment: Interrelations between Armed Conflict, Violence, and Ecocide: Daan P. van Uhm 23. Forced Migrants and Atrocity Crimes: Victoria Colvin and Phil Orchard 24. In the Aftermath of Atrocities: Research on the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma and Violence: Lidewyde Berckmoes PART V: Reactions to Atrocity Crimes 25. Transitional Justice in the 21st Century: History, Effectiveness, and Challenges: David Tolbert and Marcela Prieto Rudolphy 26. International Criminal Justice: Nancy Amoury Combs 27. Sexual Violence as a Practice of War: Implications for the Investigation and Prosecution of Atrocity Crimes: Kim Thuy Seelinger and Elisabeth Jean Wood 28. Amnesties and Truth Commissions: Jeremy Sarkin 29. Customary Responses: Joanna R. Quinn 30. Reparations and the Role of Apologies: Stephanie Wolfe 31. Memory and Memorialization After Atrocities: Nicole Fox PART VI - Case Studies A. War Crimes 32. War Crimes in Angola: Joris van Wijk 33. War Crimes, Atrocities, and Resistance in Colombia: Oliver Kaplan B. Crimes Against Humanity 34. Crimes against Humanity in Indonesia (1965-1966): Jess Melvin and Annie Pohlman 35. Crimes against Humanity and Transitional Justice in Ethiopia (1935-2020): Thijs B. Bouwknegt and Tadesse Simie Metekia C. Genocide 36. Guatemala: Genocide and its Aftermath: Naomi Roht-Arriaza 37. Genocide Against the Ezidis in Iraq: The Sinjar Massacre and its Aftermath: Kjell Anderson