Oxford Handbook of the Second Sophistic

Oxford Handbook of the Second Sophistic

Richter, Daniel S.; Johnson, William A.

Oxford University Press Inc






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I. Introductory

1. Periodicity and Scope, William A. Johnson & Daniel S. Richter
2. Greece: Hellenistic and Early Imperial Continuities, Tim Whitmarsh
3. Was There a Latin Second Sophistic?, Tom Habinek

II. Language and Identity

4. Atticism and Asianism, Lawrence Kim
5. Latinitas, Martin Bloomer
6. Cosmopolitanism, D. S. Richter
7. Ethnicity, Culture and Identity, Emma Dench
8. Retrosexuality: Sex in the Second Sophistic, Amy Richlin

III. Paideia and Performance

9. Schools and Paideia, Ruth Webb
10. Athletes and Trainers, Jason Koenig
11. Professionals of Paideia? The Sophists as Performers, Thomas A. Schmitz
12. Performance Space, Edmund Thomas

IV. Rhetoric and Rhetoricians

13. Greek and Latin Rhetorical Culture, Laurent Pernot
14. Dio Chrysostom, Claire Jackson
15. Favorinus and Herodes Atticus, Leofranc Holford-Strevens
16. Fronto and his Circle, Pascale Fleury
17. Aelius Aristides, Estelle Oudot

V. Literature and Culture

18. Philostratus, Graeme Miles
19. Plutarch: Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics, Fred Brenk
20. Plutarch's Lives, Paolo Desideri
21. Lucian of Samosata, Daniel S. Richter
22. Apuleius, S. J. Harrison
23. Pausanias, William Hutton
24. Galen, Susan Mattern
25. Chariton and Xenophon of Ephesus, J.R. Morgan
26. Longus and Achilles Tatius, Froma Zeitlin
27. The Anti-Sophistic Novel, Dan Selden
28. Miscellanies, Katerina Oikonomopoulou
29. Mythography, Stephen Trzaskoma
30. Historiography, Sulo Asirvatham
31. Poets and Poetry, Manuel Baumbach
32. Epistolography, Owen Hodkinson

VI. Philosophy and Philosophers

33. The Stoics, Gretchen Reydams-Schils
34. Epicureanism Writ Large: Diogenes of Oenoanda, Pamela Gordon
35. Skepticism, Richard Bett
36. Platonism, Ryan C. Fowler
37. The Aristotelian Tradition, Han Baltussen

VII. Religion and Religious Literature

38. Cult, Marietta Horster
39. Pilgrimage, Ian Rutherford
40. Early Christianity and the Classical Tradition, Aaron P. Johnson
41. Jewish Literature, Eric Gruen
42. The Creation of Christian Elite Culture in Roman Syria and the Near East, William Adler
43. Christian Apocrypha, Scott Fitzgerald Johnson