Oxford Handbook of the European Bronze Age

Oxford Handbook of the European Bronze Age

Fokkens, Harry; Harding, Anthony

Oxford University Press






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1: Harry Fokkens and Anthony Harding: Introduction
Part I: Themes in Bronze Age archaeology
2: Benjamin W Roberts, Marion Uckelmann and Dirk Brandherm: Old Father Time: the Bronze Age chronology of Western Europe
3: Volker Heyd: Europe 2500 to 2200 BC: Between expiring ideologies and emerging complexity
4: Marc Vander Linden: A little bit of history repeating itself: a brief review of theories on the Bell Beaker phenomenon
5: Joanna Brueck and Harry Fokkens: Bronze Age settlements
6: Mads Kaehler Holst: Burials
7: Richard Bradley: Hoards and the deposition of metalwork
8: Timothy Darvill: Monuments and monumentality in Bronze Age Europe
9: Mike Parker Pearson, Peter Marshall, Josh Pollard, Colin Richards, Julian Thomas, and Kate Welham: Stonehenge
10: Janet Montgomery and Mandy Jay: The contribution of skeletal isotope analysis to understanding the Bronze Age in Europe
11: Joanna Brueck and David Fontijn: The myth of the chief: prestige goods, power and personhood in the European Bronze Age
12: Marie Louise Stig Sorensen: Identity, gender and dress in the European Bronze Age
13: Nick Thorpe: Warfare in the European Bronze Age
14: Joakim Goldhahn: Rethinking Bronze Age cosmology a North European perspective
15: Joakim Goldhahn and Johan Ling: Bronze Age rock art in Northern Europe contexts and interpretations
16: Geoffroy de Saulieu: Rock carvings and Alpine statue-menhirs, from the Chalcolithic to the Middle Bronze Age: reflections on social process
17: Robert Johnston: Bronze Age fields and land division
18: Laszlo Bartosiewicz: Animals in Bronze Age Europe
19: Hans-Peter Stika and Andreas G. Heiss: Plant cultivation in the Bronze Age
20: Anthony Harding: Trade and exchange
21: Robert Van de Noort: Seafaring and riverine navigation in the Bronze Age of Europe
22: Marion Uckelmann: Land transport in the Bronze Age
23: Tobias L. Kienlin: Copper and bronze: Bronze Age metalworking in context
24: William O Brien: Bronze Age copper mining in Europe
25: Barbara Armbruster: Gold and gold working of the Bronze Age
26: Joanna Sofaer, Lise Bender Jorgensen and Alice Choyke: Craft production: ceramics, textiles and bone
27: Julian Henderson: Glass and faience
28: Anthony Harding: Salt production in the Bronze Age
29: Christopher Pare: Weighing, commodification and money
Part II: The Bronze Age by region
30: Benjamin W. Roberts: Britain and Ireland in the Bronze Age: farmers in the landscape, or heroes on the high seasa
31: Harry Fokkens and David Fontijn: The Bronze Age in the Low Countries
32: Claude Mordant: The Bronze Age in France
33: Vicente Lull, Rafael Mico, Cristina Rihuete Herrada and Roberto Risch: Bronze Age Iberia
34: Vicente Lull, Rafael Mico, Cristina Rihuete Herrada and Roberto Risch: The Bronze Age in the Balearic Islands
35: Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri: Peninsular Italy
36: Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri: The Bronze Age in Sicily
37: Fulvia Lo Schiavo: The Bronze Age in Sardinia
38: Franco Nicolis: Northern Italy
39: Philippe Della Casa: Switzerland and the Central Alps
40: Albrecht Jockenhoevel: Germany in the Bronze Age
41: Henrik Thrane: Scandinavia
42: Janusz Czebreszuk: The Bronze Age in the Polish Lands
43: Lubos Jiran, Milan Salas and Alexandra Krenn-Leeb: The Czech Lands and Austria in the Bronze Age
44: Klara Markova with Gabor Ilon: Slovakia and Hungary
45: Biba Terzan, with Snjezana Karavanic: The Western Balkans in the Bronze Age
46: Kristina Mihovilic: Castellieri-Gradine of the Northern Adriatic
47: Nikolaus Boroffka: Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria
48: Hermann Parzinger: Ukraine and Russia in the Bronze Age
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