Oxford Handbook of the African Sahel

Oxford Handbook of the African Sahel

Villalon, Leonardo A.

Oxford University Press






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Editor's Introduction
Leonardo A. Villalon: Framing the Sahel: Spaces, Challenges, Encounters
Section I: The Sahel as Region
1: Olivier Walther and Denis Retaille: Mapping the Sahelian Space
2: Gregory Mann: French Colonialism and the Making of the Modern Sahel
3: Jean-Pierre Olivier de Sardan: The Construction of States and Societies in the Sahel
4: Augustin Loada: Civil Society and Political Order in the Sahel
Section II: National Trajectories
5: Marie Brossier: Senegal: A Success Story and a Patrimonial Democracy
6: Boubacar N'Diaye: Mauritania: Exceptionalism and Vulnerability
7: Bruce Whitehouse: Mali: Collapse and Instability
8: Ernest Harsch: Burkina Faso: Beyond Autocracy, New Roads Open
9: Lisa Mueller: Niger: Precarious Stability
10: Ketil Fred Hansen: Chad: Realpolitik and Aspirational Deprivation
Section III: The Environment and the Challenge of Climate Change
Sarah McKune: Section Editor's Introduction
11: Suzanne Cotillon, Gray Tappen, and Chris Reij: Land Use Change and Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Sahel
12: Sarah McKune: The Challenge of Food and Nutritional Security
13: Alisha Graves, Nouhou Abdoul Moumouni, and Malcom Potts: Demography and Health in the Context of Climate Change
14: Tor A. Benjaminsen: Climate Change and Human Conflict in the Sahel
15: Marjatta Eilittae: Drivers of Growth and Decline in Sahelian Livestock Sectors
Section IV: The Challenges of Development
Renata Serra: Section Editor's Introduction
16: Ahmadou Aly Mbaye and Fatou Gueye: Section editor's Introduction
17: Renata Serra: Agricultural Policies and Development in the Sahel
18: Isaline Bergamaschi: The Political Economy of Aid in the Sahel
19: Giorgio Blundo: Corruption and the State in the Sahel
Section V: The Challenge of Governing
Sebastian Elischer: Section Editor's Introduction
20: Mamadou Bodian and Leonardo A. Villalon: The Democratic Struggle in the Sahel
21: Daniel Eizenga: Political Parties and Elite Resilience in Sahelian Politics
22: Sebastian Elischer: Militaries in Sahelian Politics
23: Cristina Barrios: Security Provision and Counterterrorism in the Sahel
24: Roland Marchal: French Interventions in the Sahel
Section VI: The Intellectual Landscape
Alioune Sow: Section Editor's Introduction
25: Felwine Sarr: Towards a History of Ideas in the Sahel
26: Rahmane Idrissa: Yesterday Meets Tomorrow in Sahelian Intellectual Currents
27: Alioune Sow: The Literary History of the Sahel
Section VII: A Religious Landscape in Flux
Bejamin Soares: Section Editor's Introduction
28: Ruediger Seesemann: Islamic Intellectual Traditions in the Sahel
29: Benjamin Soares: Islam and Muslim Societies in the Contemporary Sahel
30: Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim: Jihadist Insurgencies in the Sahel
31: Ousseina Alidou: Muslim Women's Social Movements in the Sahel
32: Alexander Thurston: Negotiating Secularism in the Sahel
Section VIII: The Changing Social Mosaic
Fiona McLaughlin: Section Editor's Introduction
33: Cedric Jourde: Social Stratification in the Sahel
34: Fiona Mc Laughlin: The Linguistic Ecology of the Sahel
35: Wendy Wilson-Fall: Pastoralist Societies in the Sahel
36: Leonardo A. Villalon and Mamadou Bodian: Education, Citizenship, and National Identity in the Sahel
Section IX: On the Move: Urbanization, Migration, Transnationalism
Abdoulaye Kane: Section Editor's Introduction
37: Florence Boyer and David Lessault: Urbanization and the Dynamics of Change in the Sahel
38: Sylvie Bredeloup: Sahelian Migrations within Africa
39: Harouna Mounkaila: Trans-Saharan Migration through and from the Sahel
40: Abdoulaye Kane: Sahelian Transnational Networks and Diasporas
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