Oxford Handbook of Swiss Politics

Oxford Handbook of Swiss Politics

Fossati, Flavia; Haeusermann, Sijla; Vatter, Adrian; Emmenegger, Patrick; Papadopoulos, Yannis; Sciarini, Pascal

Oxford University Press






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1: Patrick Emmenegger, Flavia Fossati, Silja Haeusermann, Yannis Papadopoulos, Pascal Sciarini, and Adrian Vatter: Introduction
Part I. Foundations
2: Wolf Linder and Sean Mueller: Switzerland: A Paradigmatic Case of Political Integration
3: Irene Herrmann: The Historical and Institutional Formation of Swiss Political Culture
4: Markus Freitag and Alina Zumbrunn: The Political Culture of Switzerland in Comparative Perspective
5: Daniel Oesch: The Structural Shifts in Switzerland's Economy and Society, 2000-2020
6: Thomas Bernauer and Stefanie Walter: Switzerland's Position in Europe and the World
7: Delia Zollinger and Denise Traber: The Ideological Space in Swiss Politics: Voters, Parties, and Realignment
Part II. Institutions
8: Adrian Vatter: Federalism
9: Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen and Lucas Leemann: Direct Democracy
10: Stefanie Bailer and Sarah Buetikofer: Swiss Parliament
11: Yannis Papadopoulos and Fritz Sager: The Federal Government
12: Martina Flick Witzig, Christine Rothmayr Allison, and Frederic Varone: The Judicial System
Part III. Cantons and Municipalities
13: Adrian Vatter: Cantons
14: Andreas Ladner and Nicolas Keuffer: Swiss Municipalities
15: Daniel Kuebler: Metropolitan Areas
Part IV. Actors
16: Frederic Varone and David Giauque: Federal Administration
17: Andreas Ladner, Daniel Schwarz, and Jan Fivaz: Political Parties and Party Systems in Switzerland
18: Andre Mach and Steven Eichenberger: Interest Groups
19: Marco Giugni: Social Movements
20: Regula Haenggli and Alexandra Feddersen: Media and Political Communication
Part V. Elections and Votes
21: Georg Lutz and Anke Tresch: National Elections
22: Pascal Sciarini and Anke Tresch: Direct Democratic Votes
23: Fabrizio Gilardi and Alexander H. Trechsel: Digital Democracy
Part VI. Decision-Making Processes
24: Pascal Sciarini: Decision-Making Process
25: Andreas Balthasar: The Implementation and Evaluation of Public Policies
Part VII. Public Policies
26: Laurent Goetschel: Foreign Policy
27: Fabio Wasserfallen: Switzerland and the European Union
28: Andreas Wenger: Swiss Security Policy and Politics
29: Patrick Emmenegger: Economic Policy
30: Roy Gava: Banking and the Swiss Financial Centre
31: Fritz Sager and David Kaufmann: Infrastructure Policy: Transport and Energy
32: Anja Giudici and Patrick Emmenegger: Education Policy
33: Lukas Baschung and Jean-Philippe Leresche: Research, Technology, and Innovation Policies
34: Karin Ingold and Stephane Nahrath: Environmental and Spatial Planning Policy
35: Sandra Lavenex: Migration Policy
36: Anita Manatschal: Integration Policy
37: Giuliano Bonoli and Flavia Fossati: Social Policy
38: Philipp Trein, Christian Rueefli, and Adrian Vatter: Health Policy
39: Silja Haeusermann and Reto Buergisser: Family Policy
40: Isabelle Engeli: Gender and Equality+ Policy
Part VIII. Epilogue
41: Rahel Freiburghaus and Sean Mueller: Switzerland quo vadis? Current Challenges and Potential Solutions for Swiss Politics
42: Herbert Obinger: An Outside Perspective on Swiss Politics: How Successful is Switzerland's Political System?
43: Daniel Bochsler: Chocolate Democracy
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