Oxford Handbook of Social Psychology and Social Justice

Oxford Handbook of Social Psychology and Social Justice

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Part I: Psychology and Social Justice: Historical, Theoretical, and Conceptual Foundations Chapter 1: Social Psychology and Social Justice: Critical Principles and Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century Phillip L. Hammack Chapter 2: Social Justice Theory and Practice: Fostering Inclusion in Exclusionary Contexts Susan Opotow Part II: Critical Ontologies, Paradigms, and Methods Chapter 3: Reconsidering Citizenship Models and the Case for Cultural Citizenship: Implications for a Social Psychology of Social Justice Regina Langhout and Jesica Fernandez Chapter 4: Narrative Approaches within a Social Psychology of Social Justice: The Potential Utility of Narrative Evidence David M. Frost Part III: Race, Ethnicity, Inequality Chapter 5: Extending the Social Psychology of Racism and Moral Exclusion: A Framework for Critical Analysis Cristian Tileaga Chapter 6: The Ongoing Colonization of North American Indigenous People: Using Social Psychological Theories to Promote Social Justice Stephanie Fryberg, Rebecca Covarrubias, and Jacob A. Burack Chapter 7: Disjunctive: Social Justice, Black Identity, and the Normality of Black People William E. Cross, Jr. Chapter 8: Culture, Psychology, and Social Justice: Toward a More Critical Psychology of Asians and Asian Americans Sumie Okazaki Chapter 9: Intersectional Understandings of Inequality Aida Hurtado Part IV: Gender, Sexuality, Inequality Chapter 10: "Who is Tossing Whom into the Current?" A Social Justice Perspective on Gender and Well-Being Abigail J. Stewart and Alyssa N. Zucker Chapter 11: Transnational Feminism in Psychology: Women's Human Rights, Liberation and Social Justice Shelly Grabe Chapter 12: Benevolent Heterosexism and the "Less-than-Queer" Citizen Subject Darren Langdridge Part V: Class, Poverty, Inequality Chapter 13: Of "Takers" and "Makers": A Social Psychological Analysis of Class and Classism Heather E. Bullock and Harmony A. Reppond Chapter 14: Social Class Oppression as Social Exclusion: A Relational Perspective Amelia Dean Walker and Laura Smith Part VI: Globalization, Conflict, Inequality Chapter 15: Colonization, Decolonization, and Power: Ruptures and Critical Junctures Out of Dominance James H. Liu and Felicia Pratto Chapter 16: Social Psychology and Social Justice: Citizenship and Migrant Identity in the Post 9/11 Era Sunil Bhatia Chapter 17: Social Justice in Multicultural Europe: A Social Psychological Perspective Xenia Chryssochoou Chapter 18: Positioning Theory and Social Justice Zachary Warren and Fathali M. Moghaddam Chapter 19: "In the Minds of Men": Social Representations of War and Military Intervention J. Christopher Cohrs and Emma O'Dwyer Part VII: Intervention, Advocacy, Social Policy Chapter 20: Intergroup Contact in Settings of Protracted Ethnopolitical Conflict Ifat Maoz Chapter 21: Intergroup Contact and the Struggle for Social Justice Kevin Durrheim and John Dixon Chapter 22: Intergroup Dialogue: Education for Social Justice Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda, Patricia Gurin, and Jaclyn Rodriguez Chapter 23: Setting the Record "Straight": Communicating Findings from Social Science Research on Sexual Orientation to the Courts Gregory M. Herek Part VIII: Concluding Perspectives Chapter 24: Bear Left: The Critical Psychology Project in Revolting Times Michelle Fine Chapter 25: Social Psychology and Social Justice: Dilemmas, Dynamics, and Destinies Ken Gergen
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