Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Technology

Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Technology

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Introduction: Introducing the Philosophy of Technology (Shannon Vallor, ed.) Part I: Histories and Methodologies in the Philosophy of Technology Chapter 2 What Is Living and What Is Dead in Classic European Philosophy of Technology? (Carl Mitcham) Chapter 3 The Empirical Turn (Peter-Paul Verbeek) Chapter 4 Philosophy of Technology and the Continental and Analytic Traditions (Maarten Franssen) Chapter 5 Whence and W(h)ither Technology Ethics (Don Howard) Part II: Technology and Epistemology Chapter 6 Styles of Objectivity in Scientific Instrumentation (A.S. Aurora Hoel) Chapter 7 Engineering Knowledge (Wybo Houkes and Anthonie Meijers) Chapter 8 The Epistemic Role of Technical Functions (Beth Preston) Chapter 9 Revisiting Smartness in the Smart City (Sage Cammers-Goodwin) Part III: Technology, Power, and Politics Chapter 10 Philosophy of Technology as Politics (Adam Briggle) Chapter 11 Postcolonialism and Technologies of Identification (Alison Adam) Chapter 12 Rawls, Information Technology, and the Sociotechnical Bases of Self-Respect (Anna Lauren Hoffmann) Chapter 13 Freedom in an Age of Algogracy (John Danaher) Chapter 14 (Bio)technology, Identity, and the Other (Anna Gotlib) Part IV: Technology, Metaphysics, and Language Chapter 15 The Technological Uncanny as a Permanent Dimension of Selfhood (Ciano Aydin) Chapter 16 Technology and the Ontology of the Virtual (Massimo Durante) Chapter 17 Using Philosophy of Language in Philosophy of Technology (Mark Coeckelbergh) Chapter 18 What Is It Like to Be a Bot? (D.E. Wittkower) Chapter 19 Technological Multistability and the Trouble with the Things Themselves (Robert Rosenberger) Part V: Technology, Aesthetics, and Design Chapter 20 Understanding Engineering Design and Its Social, Political and Moral Dimensions (Philip Brey) Chapter 21 Virtual Reality Media and Aesthetics (Grant Tavinor) Chapter 22 Evaluation, Validation, and Management in Design (Pieter E. Vermaas) Chapter 23 Urban Aesthetics and Technology (Sanna Lehtinen) Part VI: Technology, Health and the Environment Chapter 24 Science Fiction Futures and (Re)visions of the Anthropocene (Julia D. Gibson and Kyle Powys Whyte) Chapter 25 A Framework for Thawing Value Conflicts in the GMO Debate (Samantha Noll) Chapter 26 The Minded Body in Technology and Disability (Ashley Shew) Chapter 27 Outer Space as a New Frontier for Technology Ethics (Keith Abney) Part VII: Technology and the Good Life Chapter 28 Technology, Cognitive Enhancement, and Virtue Ethics (Barbro Froeding) Chapter 29 Toward an Existential and Emancipatory Ethic of Technology (Charles Ess) Chapter 30 Why Confucianism Matters for the Ethics of Technology (Pak-Hang Wong) Chapter 31 Care Ethics, Philosophy of Technology, and Robots in Humanitarian Action (Aimee van Wynsberghe) Chapter 32 Reflections on Promises and Perils Thinking for Emerging Technologies (Deborah G. Johnson)
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