Oxford Handbook of Negation

Oxford Handbook of Negation

Espinal, M.Teresa; Deprez, Viviane

Oxford University Press






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1: Viviane Deprez and M.Teresa Espinal: Introduction: Negation in language and beyond Part I: Fundamentals 2: Laurence R. Horn: Negation and opposition: Contradiction and contrariety in logic and language 3: Jacques Moeschler: Negative predicates: Incorporated negation 4: David Ripley: Denial 5: Karen De Clercq: Types of negation 6: Shrikant Joshi: Affixal negation 7: Johan van der Auwera and Olga Krasnoukhova: The typology of negation Part II: Questions in the syntax of negation 8: Chiara Gianollo: The morpho-syntactic nature of the negative marker 9: Cecilia Poletto: The possible positioning of negation 10: Elizabeth Pearce: Negation and constituent ordering: Case studies 11: Josep Quer: The expression of negation in sign languages Part III: Negation at the syntax-semantics interface 12: Laurence R. Horn: Neg-raising 13: Clemens Mayr: Intervention effects with negation 14: Maribel Romero: Form and function of negative, tag, and rhetorical questions 15: Denis Delfitto: Expletive negation 16: Nicholas Fleisher: Calculating the scope of negation: Interaction of negation with quantifiers Part IV: Semantics and pragmatics of negation 17: Naomi Francis and Sabine Iatridou: Modals and negation 18: Barry Schein: Negation in event semantics 19: Anamaria Falaus: Negation and alternatives: Interaction with focus constituents 20: Ana Maria Martins: Metalinguistic negation 21: David Beaver and Kristin Denlinger: Negation and presupposition Part V: Negative dependencies 22: Lucia M. Tovena: Negative Polarity Items 23: Susagna Tubau: Minimizers and maximizers as different types of polarity items 24: Hedde Zeiljstra: Negative quantifiers 25: Andrew Weir: Negative fragment answers 26: Anastasia Giannakidou: Negative concord and the nature of negative concord items 27: Henriette de Swart: Double negation readings Part VI: Synchronic and diachronic variation in negation 28: Phillip Wallage: Quantitative studies of the use of negative (dependent) expressions 29: Christina Tortora and Frances Blanchette: Negation in non-standard varieties 30: Anne Breitbarth: The negative cycle and beyond 31: Chiara Gianollo: Evolution of negative dependencies 32: Pierre Larrivee: The role of pragmatics in negation change Part VII: Emergence and acquisition of negation 33: Manuel Bohn, Josep Call, and Christoph J. Voelter: Evolutionary precursors of negation in non-human reasoning 34: Jean-Remy Hochmann: Cognitive precursors of negation in pre-verbal infants 35: Rosalind Thornton: Negation and first language acquisition 36: Liliana Sanchez and Jennifer Austin: Negation in L2 acquisition and beyond Part VIII: Experimental investigations of negation 37: Barbara Kaup and Carolin Dudschig: Understanding negation: Issues in the processing of negation 38: Hanna Muller and Colin Phillips: Negative polarity illusions 39: Pilar Prieto and M.Teresa Espinal: Negation, prosody, and gesture 40: Yosef Grodzinsky, Virginia Jaichenco, Isabelle Deschamps, Maria Elina Sanchez, Martin Fuchs, Peter Pieperhoff, Yonatan Loewenstein, and Katrin Amunts: Negation and the brain: Experiments in health and in focal brain disease, and their theoretical implications 41: Veena D. Dwivedi: Individual differences in processing of negative operators: Implications for bilinguals 42: Ken Ramshoj Christensen: The neurology of negation: fMRI, ERP, and aphasia 43: Liuba Papeo and Manuel de Vega: The neurobiology of lexical and sentential negation References Index