Oxford Handbook of Mystical Theology

Oxford Handbook of Mystical Theology


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List of Contributors Mark A. McIntosh and Edward Howells: Introduction Part I: Understanding Mystical Theology 1: Rowan Williams: Mystical Theology and Christian Self-Understanding 2: Mark A. McIntosh: Mystical Theology at the Heart of Theology 3: Edward Howells: Mystical Theology and Human Experience 4: Bernard McGinn: The Genealogy of Mystical Traditions 5: Maria Clara Lucchetti Bingemer: Mystical Theology in Contemporary Perspective Part II: Sources, Contexts, and Practices 6: Kevin L. Hughes: Living the Word 7: Andrew Louth: The Liturgical Mystery 8: Joanne Maguire: Mystics as Teachers 9: Luke Dysinger, OSB: The Ascetic Life 10: Peter Tyler: Prayer 11: Patricia Zimmerman Beckman: Lives and Visions 12: Rob Faesen, SJ: Mystical Texts 13: Alexander J. B. Hampton: Mystical Poetics Part III: Key Patterns of Mystical Thought 14: John Arblaster: The Image and Likeness of God 15: Boyd Taylor Coolman: Spiritual Itineraries 16: Charlotte Radler: Depth, Ground, Abyss 17: Louise Nelstrop: Erotic and Nuptial Imagery 18: David Albertson: Cataphasis, Visualization, and Mystical Space 19: Cyril O'Regan: Theological Epistemology and Apophasis 20: Rik van Nieuwenhove: Trinitarian Indwelling 21: Bernard McGinn: Mystical Union Part IV: Mysticism and Theology 22: David Tracy: Metaphysics, Theology, and the Mystical 23: Jean-Luc Marion: The Mystical -- or What Theology Can Show 24: Rik Van Nieuwenhove and William Crozier: The Trinity 25: Amy Hollywood and Rachel Smith: Christology 26: Brandon Gallaher: Pneumatology 27: Douglas E. Christie: Creation and Revelation 28: Philip Sheldrake: Anthropology 29: Aristotle Papanikolaou: Theosis 30: Gemma Simmonds: Ecclesiology 31: Ann W. Astell: Social Life 32: Michael Barnes, SJ: Interreligious Dialogue 33: Hugh Feiss, OSB: Eschatology
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