Oxford Handbook of Meditation

Oxford Handbook of Meditation

Lalljee, Mansur; Brazier, David; Farias, Miguel

Oxford University Press






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Part I. Overview
1: Miguel Farias, David Brazier, & Mansur Lalljee: Understanding and studying meditation
2: Richard King: Meditation and the Modern Encounter between Asia and the West
3: Doug Oman: Studying the Effects of Meditation: The First Fifty Years
Part II. Meditation across the World's Traditions
4: Gavin Flood: Hinduism and Meditation: Tantra
5: Bjarne Wernicke-Olesen: Hinduism and Meditation: Yoga
6: Tomer Persico: Judaism and Meditation
7: Martin Laird: Western Christianity and Meditation
8: Cyril Hovorun: Eastern Christianity and Meditation
9: Scott Kugle: Meditation in the Islamic Tradition
10: Sarah Shaw: Theravada Buddhism and Meditation
11: Caifang Zhu: Chan Buddhism and Meditation
12: Georgios Halkias: Buddhist Meditation in Tibet: Exoteric and Esoteric Orientations
13: Harold Roth: Classical Daoist Meditation: 400-100 B.C.E
14: Louis Komjathy: Daoist Meditation: From 100 CE to the Present
Part III. Varieties of Meditative Practices and Experiences
15: Nobuyoshi Yamabe: Concentration and Visualization Techniques in Buddhist Meditation
16: Carlos do Carmo Silva: The Phenomenology of Meditation: Commonalities and Divergences between Christian Meditatio and Hindu Dhy?na
17: Jessica Frazier: The Self in Meditation: The art of self-transformation
18: Ayesha Nathoo: Relaxation and Meditation
Part IV. Approaches to the Study of Meditation
Biology and Neuroscience
19: Kieran C. R. Fox and B. Rael Cahn: Meditation and the brain
20: Dusana Dorjee: Psychophysiology of Meditation
21: Tim Lomas: Meditation and emotion
22: Ivana Buric & Inti Brazil: Individual differences in meditation outcomes
23: Peter Sedlmeier and Kunchapudi SrinivasDR: Psychological Theories of Meditation in Early Buddhism and S??khya/Yoga
24: Michal Pagis: The sociology of meditation
25: Conrad Hackett: The demographics of meditation in the United States
26: Manu Bazzano: Meditation and the post-secular condition
27: Douglas E. Christie: Christian Contemplative Thought and Practice in the Contemporary World
28: Masoumeh Rahmani: Goenka's Vipassana Movement: From Conversion to Disaffiliation
29: Caroline Starkey: Meditation in Contemporary Monastic Life
Part V. Individual and Social Change through Meditation
Therapeutic Applications
30: Patricia Lynn Dobkin and Kaveh Monshat: Mental Illness Through the Lens of Mindfulness
31: Madhav Goyal and Heather L. Rusch: Mindfulness-based interventions in the treatment of physical conditions
32: David Orme-Johnson: Transcendental Meditation in the treatment of mental and physical conditions
33: David Brazier: Zen Therapy
Social Change
34: Ann Gleig: Enacting Social Change Through Meditation
35: Candy Gunther Brown: Meditation and Education
36: Katherine M. Auty: Meditation in Prison
Part VI. Debates and Controversies in Meditation
37: Jared R. Lindahl, Willoughby B. Britton, David J. Cooper, Laurence J. Kirmayer: Challenging and Adverse Meditation Experiences: Toward A Person-Centered Approach
38: Nathan Fisher: The Dark Nights of the Soul in Abrahamic Meditative Traditions
39: Juhn Y. Ahn: Meditation sickness
40: Brian Victoria: Meditation to kill and be killed by The Use of Sam?dhi Power (???) in Imperial Japan
41: Ron Purser and David Lewis: Neuroscience and meditation: Help or hindrance?
42: Etzel Cardena: Meditation, Exceptional Psychophysiological Control, and Parapsychology
43: Deane H. Shapiro, Jr.: Reflections on the role of control in meditation
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