Oxford Handbook of Language and Society

Oxford Handbook of Language and Society

Flores, Nelson; Spotti, Massimiliano; Garcia, Ofelia

Oxford University Press Inc






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Introduction: Language and Society: A critical poststructuralist perspective (Ofelia Garcia, Nelson Flores, Max Spotti)

1. Language and society: Historical overview and emergence of a field of study (Florian Coulmas)

2. Language, imperialism and the modern nation-state system: Implications for language rights (Stephen May)

3. Language and political economy (Alfonso Del Percio, Mi-Cha Flubacher & Alex Duchene)

4. Language and power (Luisa Martin-Rojo)

5. Language ideologies (Jonathan Rosa & Christa Burdick)

6. Language policy and local practices (Alastair Pennycook)

7. Language, migration, diaspora: Challenging the big battalions of groupism (Finex Ndhlovu)

8. Bi-multilingualism, globalization and super-diversity: Toward Sociolinguistic repertoire (Max Spotti & Jan Blommaert)

9. Diglossia and beyond (Juergen Jaspers)

10. Language shift and sustainability: Critical discourses and beyond (Melissa Engman & Kendall King)

11. Discourses of endangerment from mother tongues to machine readability (Robert Moore)

12. Sign languages (H-Dirksen L. Bauman & Joseph Murray)

13. Multiliteracies & Transcultural Education (Lynn Mario Menezes de Souza)

14. Urban languages in African Contexts: Toward a multimodal approach to urban languages (Busi Makoni)

15. Indigenous peoples and their languages (Pia Lane & Miki Makihara)

16. Entry Visa Denied: The Construction of Symbolic Language Borders in Educational Settings (Guadalupe Valdes)

17. Linguistic profiling and discrimination (John Baugh)

18. From Gerontolinguistics to Elderspeak: Sociolinguistic myths (Sinfree Makoni)

19. Language and racialization (Anne Charity Hudley)

20. Language and sexuality (Tomasso Milani)

21. Linguistic landscapes (Luk Van Mensel, Mieke Vandenbrouke & Robert Blackwood)

22. Multimodality (Elisabetta Adami)

23. The Internet, language and virtual interactions (Piia Varis and Tom van Neunen)

24. Mediatization and the language of journalism (Tom Van Hout & Peter Burger)

25. Work (Melissa Moyer)

26. Bilingual Education (Nelson Flores)

Conclusion: Moving the study of Language and Society into the future (Nelson Flores, Max Spotti and Ofelia Garcia)
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