Oxford Handbook of Irish Politics

Oxford Handbook of Irish Politics

Hardiman, Niamh; Farrell, David M.

Oxford University Press






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1: Niamh Hardiman, David M. Farrell, Eoin Carolan, John Coakley, Aidan Regan, Colin Scott, Ben Tonra and Alexa Zellentin: What kind of Ireland?
Section 1: Rights, citizenship and democratic politicsSection Editor: Alexa Zellentin:
2: Iseult Honohan: Republicanism and Public Affairs
3: Thomas Murray: Economic and Social Rights in Ireland
4: Yvonne Galligan: Gender Equality Politics
5: Alexa Zellentin: Education for Citizenship in a Changing Country
6: Peter Stone: Democracy in Ireland: Theory and Practice
Section 2: International ContextSection Editor: Ben Tonra:
7: Paul Gillespie: The Irish-British Dimension
8: Brigid Laffan: Ireland in a European Context
9: John O'Brennan: Ireland and European Governance
10: Ben Tonra: Foreign, Security, and Defence Policy
11: Patrick Paul Walsh and Ciara Whelan: The Changing Nature of Irish International Development Policy
12: Melanie Hoewer: Human Rights and Gender
Section 3: The Constitution and Justice SystemSection Editor: Eoin Carolan:
13: Tom Hickey: Judges and the Political Organs of State
14: Eoin Carolan: The Constitution, Politics, and Public Policy
15: Ian O'Donnell: Penal Culture in Ireland
16: Paul Daly: The Irish Courts and the Administrative State
17: Maria Cahill: Ambivalent Self-Determination: Freedom From and Deference to Foreign Laws
Section 4: The Institutional FrameworkSection Editor: John Coakley:
18: R. Kenneth Carty: The Electoral Framework and the Politics of Representation
19: Muiris MacCarthaigh: Parliamentary Accountability and Reform
20: Mary C. Murphy: Bicameralism in a Unitary State
21: Shane Martin: The Political Executive
22: John Coakley: The Politics of the Presidency
23: Theresa Reidy: Form Over Function: The Strange Paradox of Local Government
Section 5: The Political Economy of GrowthSection Editor: Aidan Regan:
24: Sam Brazys and Aidan Regan: Small States in Global Markets: The Political Economy of FDI-led Growth in Ireland
25: Micheal L. Collins and Mary P. Murphy: The Political Economy of Work and Welfare
26: Stephen Kinsella and Aidan Regan: The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy in Ireland
27: Micheal L. Collins and Aidan Regan: The Distribution of Income and Wealth in Ireland
28: Patrick Gallagher, Sean O Riain, Fergal Rhatigan, Michael Byrne: The Politics of Banking in Ireland
29: Michelle Norris and Michael Byrne: The Political Economy of Housing in Ireland
Section 6: Political BehaviourSection Editor: David M. Farrell:
30: Conor Little and David M. Farrell: The Party System: At a Critical Juncture
31: Liam Weeks: Independents and the Party System
32: Michael Marsh: The (Un)Changing Irish Voter
33: Fiona Buckley and Mary Brennan: Gender Quotas in Ireland: A First for Proportional Representation by the Single Transferable Vote
34: Jane Suiter and Roderick Flynn: Irish Media and the Shaping of Political Discourse
35: Michael Gallagher: The Politics of Referendums
36: David M. Farrell, Jane Suiter, Clodagh Harris, and Kevin Cunningham: Ireland's Deliberative Mini-Publics
Section 7: The Politics of Regulation and AccountabilitySection Editor: Colin Scott:
37: Colin Scott: The Politics of Regulation in Ireland
38: Gary Murphy: Open Government
39: Blanaid Clarke: The Role of the Central Bank of Ireland as an Independent Financial Regulator
40: . J. McIntyre: Regulating the Information Society: Data Protection and Ireland's Internet Industry
41: Vicky Conway: The Politics of Police Accountability
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