Oxford Handbook of International Cultural Heritage Law

Oxford Handbook of International Cultural Heritage Law


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1: Ana Filipa Vrdoljak and Francesco Francioni: Introduction Part I: Historical Overview 2: Ana Filipa Vrdoljak and Lynn Meskell: The Intellectual Cooperation Organisation, UNESCO and Culture Conventions: A Historical Overview Part II: Substantive Aspects 3: Roger O'Keefe: Cultural Heritage and International Humanitarian Law 4: Federico Lenzerini: Intentional Destruction of Heritage 5: Micaela Frulli: Cultural Heritage and International Criminal Law 6: James A. R. Nafziger: Cultural Heritage and the Responsibility to Protect 7: Giulio Bartolini: Cultural Heritage and Disasters 8: Ana Filipa Vrdoljak: Cultural Heritage, Transitional Justice and Rule of Law 9: Patty Gerstenblith: Theft and Illicit Excavation 10: Folarin Shyllon: Illicit Export, Import, and Transfer 11: Francesco Francioni: World Heritage 12: Amy Strecker: Landscapes as Cultural Heritage 13: Patrick J. O'Keefe: Underwater Cultural Heritage 14: Ben Boer: Cultural Heritage and the Environment 15: Janet Blake: Intangible Cultural Heritage 16: Bruno De Witte: Language as Cultural Heritage 17: Yvonne Donders: Cultural Heritage and Human Rights 18: Dalee Sambo Dorough and Siegfried Wiessner: Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Peoples 19: Joseph Powderly and Rafael Braga da Silva: Cultural Heritage and Women 20: Mira Burri: Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property 21: Valentina Vadi: Cultural Heritage and International Investment Law 22: Tania Voon: Cultural Heritage, Cultural Diversity, and International Trade Law Part III: General International Law 23: Francesco Francioni: The Role of Custom and General Principles of International Law 24: Riccardo Pavoni: Cultural Heritage and State Immunity 25: Andrzej Jakubowski: Cultural Heritage and State Succession 26: Patrizia Vigni: Cultural Heritage and State Responsibility 27: Elisa Novic: Remedies Part IV: Procedural and Institutional Aspects 28: Marc-Andre Renold: International Dispute Adjudication Mechanisms 29: Kurt Siehr: The Role of Domestic Courts 30: Alessandro Chechi: Alternative Dispute Settlement Mechanisms 31: Tullio Scovazzi: Institutional Aspects 32: Kristin Hausler: Participation of Non-state Actors 33: Manlio Frigo: Codes of Ethics Part V: Regional Approaches 34: Folarin Shyllon: Africa 35: Keun-Gwan Lee: Asia 36: Craig Forrest and Jennifer Corrin: Oceania 37: Lucas Lixinski: Central and South America 38: Rachel Craufurd-Smith: Europe (EU and Council of Europe) 39: Morag M. Kersel and Mounir Bouchenaki: Middle East 40: Derek Fincham: North America
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