Oxford Handbook of Grammatical Number

Oxford Handbook of Grammatical Number

Doetjes, Jenny; Cabredo Hofherr, Patricia

Oxford University Press






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1: Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Jenny Doetjes: Introduction
Part I: Foundations
2: Jakub Dotlacil: Semantic approaches to number
3: Alan Bale: Number and the mass-count distinction
4: Jenny Doetjes: Number and quantity expressions
5: Pierina Cheung: Individuation: Number marking languages vs classifier languages
6: Niels O. Schiller and Rinus Verdonschot: Number in the mental lexicon
Part II: Number in the nominal domain
7: Patricia Cabredo Hofherr: Nominal number morphology
8: Martina Wiltschko: The syntax of number markers
9: Henriette de Swart: Bare nouns and number
10: Jenny Doetjes: Number and numeral classifiers
11: Artemis Alexiadou: Lexical plurals
12: Hanna de Vries: Collective nouns
13: Myriam Dali and Eric Mathieu: Singulative systems
14: Britta Biedermann, Nora Fieder, and Karen Smith-Lock: Nominal number and language pathologies
Part III: Number in the event domain
15: Patricia Cabredo Hofherr: Verbal plurality cross-linguistically
16: Sigrid Beck: Multiple events and 'N preposition N'
17: Berit Gehrke: Multiple event readings and occasional-type adjectives
18: Donka F. Farkas: Multiple event readings with dependent indefinites
Part IV: Case studies
19: Nisrine Al-Zahre: Dual in Standard and Syrian Arabic
20: Franc Marusic and Rok Zaucer: Dual in Slovenian
21: Scott Grimm: Inverse number in Dagaare
22: Satoshi Tomioka: Japanese -tati and generalized associative plurals
23: Lindsay Butler: Non-inflectional plural in Yucatec Maya: Syntax and processing
24: Marcelo Ferreira: Bare nominals and number in Brazilian Portuguese
25: Maarten Mous: Nominal number in Cushitic
26: Lutz Marten: Noun classes and plurality in Bantu languages
27: Moles Paul, Anne Zribi-Hertz, and Herby Glaude: Countability and number without number inflection: Evidence from Haitian Creole
28: Suzi Lima: Production and comprehension studies on the mass-count distinction in Yudja
29: Malte Zimmermann: Verbal number in Chadic, with special reference to Hausa
30: Robert Henderson: Dependent numerals in Kaqchikel
31: Roland Pfau and Markus Steinbach: Number in sign languages
32: I Wayan Arka: Number in Marori
33: I Wayan Arka and Mary Dalrymple: Number in Balinese
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