Oxford Handbook of Evidentiality

Oxford Handbook of Evidentiality

Aikhenvald, Alexandra

Oxford University Press






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1: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald: Evidentiality: The framework
Part I: Evidentiality: Its Expression, Scope, and History
2: Jackson T.-S. Sun: Evidentials and person
3: Diana Forker: Evidentiality and its relations with other verbal categories
4: Bjoern Wiemer: Evidentials and epistemic modality
5: Guillaume Jacques: Non-propositional evidentiality
6: Victor Friedman: Where do evidentials come from?
7: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald: Evidentiality and language contact
Part II: Evidentials in Cognition, Communication, and Society
8: Ercenuer UEnal and Anna Papafragou: Evidentials, information sources, and cognition
9: Stanka Fitneva: The acquisition of evidentiality
10: Janis Nuckolls: The interactional and cultural pragmatics of evidentiality in Pastaza Quichua
11: Rosaleen Howard: Evidence and evidentiality in Quechua narrative discourse
12: Michael Wood: Stereotypes and evidentiality
Part III: Evidentiality and Information Sources: Further Issues and Approaches
13: Kasper Boye: Evidentiality: The notion and the term
14: Mario Squartini: Extragrammatical expression of information source
15: Margaret Speas: Evidentiality and formal semantic theories
Part IV: Evidentiality across the World
16: Eithne B. Carlin: Evidentiality and the Cariban languages
17: David Eberhard: Evidentiality in Nambikwara languages
18: Kristine Stenzel and Elsa Gomez-Imbert: Evidentiality in Tukanoan languages
19: Katarzyna I. Wojtylak: Evidentiality in Bora and Witotoan languages
20: Tim Thornes: Evidentiality in the Uto-Aztecan languages
21: Marie-Odile Junker, Conor M. Quinn, and J. Randolph Valentine: Evidentiality in Algonquian
22: Tyler Peterson: Evidentiality and epistemic modality in Gitksan
23: Diana Forker: Evidentiality in Nakh-Daghestanian languages
24: Lars Johanson: Turkic indirectivity
25: Elena Skribnik and Petar Kehayov: Evidentials in Uralic languages
26: Benjamin Brosig and Elena Skribnik: Evidentiality in Mongolic
27: Scott DeLancey: Evidentiality in Tibetic
28: Gwendolyn Hyslop: Evidentiality in Bodic languages
29: Anne Storch: Evidentiality and the expression of knowledge: An African perspective
30: Hannah Sarvasy: Evidentiality in the languages of New Guinea
31: Chia-jung Pan: Evidentiality in Formosan languages
32: Josephine S. Daguman: Reportatives in the languages of the Philippines
33: Ho-min Sohn: Evidentiality in Korean
34: Heiko Narrog and Wenjiang Yang: Evidentiality in Japanese
35: Asier Alcazar: Dizque and other emergent evidential forms in Romance languages
36: Sherman Wilcox and Barbara Shaffer: Evidentiality and information source in signed languages
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