Oxford Handbook of Australian Politics

Oxford Handbook of Australian Politics

Lewis, Jenny M.; Tiernan, Anne

Oxford University Press






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Foreword: A Voice from the Heart, Ian Anderson1:Introduction: Towards a New Vision for Australian Politics: Seeing, Not, Seeing, and What We Can Now See, Anne TiernanSection One: Inheritances2:Governing Ideas and Collective Expectations: the Australian Case, James Walter3:Myth and Myth-Making, Jon Piccini4:Ideas of Nationhood, Carolyn Holbrook5:Australia's Electoral Innovations, Lisa HillSection Two: Improvizations6:Not-Minster? Australia's Bespoke System of Government, Dennis C. Grube7:Australia's Federal Framework: Constitutional Fundamentals, Federal Institutions, and Intergovernmental Balance, Nicholas Aroney8:Australian Political Parties: Evolution and Adaptation, Anika Gauja9:Social Protection and Vulnerability: Australia's Distinctive Public Policy Profile, John MurphySection Three: Place-Making10:Australian Politics in Local Government: Place-Making in Town and Country, Jacob Deem11:Divided Against Itself: Plural Sovereignties and the Australian State, Paul Muldoon12:Settlement and Migration: Shaping Australian Political Identity, Catriona Elder13:Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Emotions, Roland Bleiker, David Campbell, and Emma Hutchison14:Australia's Pursuit of Place in the World, Caitlin ByrneSection Four: Recurrent Themes15:The Politics of the Environment in Australia, Kate Crowley16:The Politics of Australia's Economic Development, Stephen Bell and Michael Keating17:Gender and Sexuality in Australian Politics, Elizabeth van Acker18:Religion and Politics, Marion Maddox19:Indigenous-Settler Relationships: Policy, Rights, Reconciliation, and Sovereignty, Elizabeth Strakosch20:Disrupting Media and Politics: When the Old Rules Break, How Can the Public Interest be Served?, Julianne SchultzSection Five: Politics, Policy, and Public Administration21:New Public Management and Service Privatization in Australia, Siobhan O'Sullivan22:Policy Learning in the Australian Public Service, Alastair Stark23:Integrity and Accountability in Australian Government and Politics, Zim Nwokora24:Performance in the Public Sector, Jeannette Taylor25:Innovating the Public Sector in Australia, Jenny M. LewisSection Six: Studying Australian Politics26:The Field and Study of Deliberative Democracy in Australia, Carolyn M. Hendriks27:Political Organizations and Participation, Ariadne Vromen, Michael Vaughan, and Darren Halpin28:Political Psychology and Experimentation, Aaron Martin29:Political Leadership, Paul Strangio30:Beyond 'Structured Inattention': Towards Australian Indigenous Political Studies?, Morgan Brigg and Lyndon Murphy31:Teaching Australian Politics: Thirty Years of Civics and Citizenship Education in Australia, Zareh Ghazarian and Jacqueline Laughland-Booy
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