Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Network Research

Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Network Research

Brughmans, Tom; Munson, Jessica; Mills, Barbara J.; Peeples, Matthew A.

Oxford University Press






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1: Matthew A. Peeples, Jessica Munson, Barbara J. Mills, and Tom Brughmans: Introduction
Part I: Archaeological Networks in Practice
2: Clara Filet and Fabrice Rossi: Network Methods and Properties
3: Matthew A. Peeples, John M. Roberts, Jr, and Yi Yin: Challenges for Network Research in Archaeology
4: Benjamin Bach and Mereke van Garderen: Beyond the Node-Link Diagram: A Fast Forward about Network Visualization for Archaeology
5: Per OEstborn and Henrik Gerding: Inference from Archaeological Similarity Networks
Part II: Material Culture Networks
6: Jennifer Birch: Material Networks and Culture Change
7: Elliot H. Blair: Material Culture Similarity and Co-occurrence Networks
8: Daniel Sosna: Mortuary Archaeology Networks
9: Mark Golitko: Geochemical Networks
10: Sarah M. Griffin and Florian Klimm: Networks and Museum Collections
Part III: Geographical Networks
11: Diego Jimenez-Badillo: Nearest and Relative Neighbourhood Networks
12: Ray Rivers, Tim Evans, and Eleftheria Paliou: Gravity and Maximum Entropy Models
13: Irmela Herzog: Transportation Networks and Least-Cost Paths
14: Mu-Chun Wu: Space Syntax and Pedestrian Modelling
15: Zoran %Cu%ckovi'c: Visibility Networks
16: Eduardo Apolinaire and Laura Bastourre: Hydrographic Networks
Part IV: Network Simulation
17: Iza Romanowska: Complexity Science and Networks in Archaeology
18: Wendy H. Cegielski: Networks, Agent-Based Modeling, and Archaeology
19: Viviana Amati: Random Graph Models
Part V: Biological Networks
20: Kent M. Johnson: Biodistance Networks
21: Stefani A. Crabtree and Jennifer A. Dunne: Food Webs
Part VI: Text-Based Networks
22: Claire Lemercier: Historical and Archaeological Network Data
23: Diane Harris Cline and Jessica Munson: Epigraphic Networks in Cross-Cultural Perspective
24: Valeria Vitale and Rainer Simon: Linked Data Networks: How, Why and When to Apply Network Analysis to LOD
25: Allison Mickel, Anthony Sinclair, and Tom Brughmans: Knowledge Networks
26: Vojt%ech Ka%se, Toma%s Glomb, and Jan Fousek: Networks and Religious Transformations
Part VII: Cultural Transmission and Human Evolution
27: Valeria Romano and Sergi Lozano: Perspectives on Human Behavioural Evolution from Primate Networks
28: Claudine Gravel-Miguel, and Fiona Coward: Palaeolithic Social Networks and Behavioural Modernity
29: Briggs Buchanan and Marcus J. Hamilton: Networks and Cultural Transmission in Hunter-Gatherer Societies
Part VIII: Movement, Exchange, and Flows through Networks
30: Justin Leidwanger: Maritime Networks
31: Barbara J. Mills and Matthew A. Peeples: Migration and Archaeological Network Research
32: Marek Vlach: Network Modelling of the Spread of Disease
33: Shawn Graham and Damien Huffer: The Antiquities Trade and Digital Networks: Or, the Supercharging Effect of Social Media on the Rise of the Amateur Antiquities Trader
Part IX: Assessing the Structural Characteristics of Networks
34: Matthew Pailes: Social Networks and Inequality
35: Erik Gjesfjeld: Networks and Catastrophes
36: Jelena Gruji'c and Miljana Radivojevi'c: Community Detection
37: Scott G. Ortman: Settlement Scaling Analysis as Social Network Analysis
38: Jacob Holland-Lulewicz: Networks and Sociopolitical Organization
Part X: Looking Ahead and Beyond
39: Ulrik Brandes: Archaeological Network Science
40: John Edward Terrell: Network Models and the Past: Relational Thinking and Contingency Analysis
41: Carl Knappett and Angus Mol: Network Epistemologies in Archaeology
42: Jessica Munson, Barbara J. Mills, Tom Brughmans, and Matthew A. Peeples: Anticipating the Next Wave of Archaeological Network Research
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