Origins and Dynamics of Inequality

Origins and Dynamics of Inequality

Sex, Politics, and Ideology

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Preface Acknowledgments Chapter One: Introduction: Inequality, Sex, Politics, and Ideology Chapter Two: Blame it on Sex Chapter Three: From Aboriginal Equality to Limited and Unstable Inequality Chapter Four: The Dynamics of Religious Legitimation Chapter Five: The State, Civilization, and Extreme Inequality Chapter Six: The Critical Break: The Bourgeiosie Unchained Chapter Seven: Theological Revolution and the Idea of Equality Chapter Eight: The Shift Toward Secular Ideology Chapter Nine: Workers Gain Formal Political Power Chapter Ten: From American Exceptionalism to the Great Compression Chapter Eleven: Simon Kuznets' Happy Prognosis Crushed in an Ideological Coup Chapter Twelve: Inequality, Conspicuos Consumption, and the Growth Trap Chapter Thirteen: The Problem is Inequality, not Private Property and Markets Chapter Fourteen: What Future for Inequality? Bibliography Index