New Party Challenge

New Party Challenge

Changing Cycles of Party Birth and Death in Central Europe and Beyond

Haughton, Tim; Deegan-Krause, Kevin

Oxford University Press






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1: Puzzles of Party Politics: How Central Europe Challenges What We Know About Continuity and Change
2: What's New?: How to Refine Our Assessments of Party Novelty
3: Maps and Measures: What New Measures Can Tell Us About Central European Party Systems
4: The Old and the New: How Parties Differ with Age and Time
5: The Living and the Dead: Why Some Parties Fail and Others Survive
6: Cycles and Subsystems: Why New Parties Give Way to Even Newer Parties
7: Slovenia is Everywhere?: How the New Party Challenge Has Extended Across the Globe
8: Neither Older nor Wiser? What Continual Party Change Means for the Quality of Democracy
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