Long Game

Long Game

China's Grand Strategy to Displace American Order

Doshi, Rush

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1 - "A Coherent Body of Thought and Action": Defining Grand Strategy
Chapter 2 - "The Party Leads Everything": Grand Strategy and the Communist Party
Chapter 3 - "New Cold Wars Have Begun": The Traumatic Trifecta and the US Threat
Chapter 4 - "Hiding Capabilities and Biding Time": Blunting as China's First Displacement Strategy
Chapter 5 - "A Change in the Balance of Power": The Financial Crisis and US Decline
Chapter 6 - "Actively Accomplish Something": Building as China's Second Strategy of Displacement
Chapter 7 - "A Suit that No Longer Fits": The Global Order and China's Ambitions
Chapter 8 - "Towards the World's Center Stage": Global Expansion as China's Third Displacement Strategy
Chapter 9 - "An Asymmetric Response": Dealing with Chinese Strategies of Displacement
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