Limits of Human Rights

Limits of Human Rights

Fassbender, Bardo; Traisbach, Knut

Oxford University Press






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Bardo Fassbender and Knut Traisbach: Introduction: A Ride on the Human Rights Bus
Henry J. Steiner: Prologue: Limits and their Varieties
Part 1. Limits of Ideas, Limits of Communities: Paradigms and Biases
1: Lynn Hunt: Humanity and the Claim to Self-Evidence
2: Bardo Fassbender: The Self-Evidence of Human Rights: Origins and Limits of an Idea
3: Kate Nash: Human Rights, Global Justice, and the Limits of Law
4: Mark Goodale: Human Rights beyond the Double Bind of Sovereignty: A Response to Kate Nash
5: David Dyzenhaus: Emergencies and Human Rights: A Hobbesian Analysis
6: Conor Gearty: Reason, Faith, and Feelings: A Response to David Dyzenhaus
Part 2. Limits of Functions, Limits of Uses: Actors and Practices
7: Christian Reus-Smit: Being a Realist about Human Rights
8: Basak Cali: Political Limits of International Human Rights: A Response (or a Rejoinder) to Christian Reus-Smit
9: Jan Klabbers: Human Rights Bodies and the Structure of Institutional Obligation
10: Rosa Freedman and Ruth Houghton: Dissecting the Institution: A Response to Jan Klabbers
11: Aryeh Neier: Differentiating Fundamental Rights and Economic Goals
12: Jeremy Perelman: Advocating for Social and Economic Rights-Critical Perspectives: A Response to Aryeh Neier
Part 3. Limits of Scope, Limits of Recognition: The Case of Women's Rights
13: Hilary Charlesworth and Christine Chinkin: Between the Margins and the Mainstream: The Case of Women's Rights
14: Bai Guimei: Women's Rights are Human Rights: A Response to Hilary Charlesworth and Christine Chinkin from a Chinese Perspective
15: Martha C. Nussbaum: Women's Progress and Women's Human Rights
16: Fareda Banda: The Limits of Law: A Response to Martha C Nussbaum
Part 4. Limits of Pragmatism, Limits of Compromise: The Case of Armed Conflict
17: Frederic Megret: The Limits of the Laws of War
18: Knut Traisbach: The Banality of Humanity (as an Absolute): A Response to Frederic Megret
19: Andrew Clapham: The Limits of Human Rights in Times of Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Armed Violence
20: Yuval Shany: The End of the War/Peace Limit on the Application of International Human Rights Law: A Response to Andrew Clapham
Part 5. Limits of Prospects, Limits of Means: An Outlook
21: Mireille Delmas-Marty: The Limits of Human Rights in a Moving World-Elements of a Dynamic Approach
22: Marie-Benedicte Dembour: Where are the Limits of Human Rights? Four Schools, four Complementary Visions: A Response to Mireille Delmas-Marty
23: Douglas A. Johnson and Kathryn Sikkink: Strategizing for Human Rights: From Ideals to Practice
24: Micheline Ishay: Historical Strategies for Human Rights: A Response to Kathryn Sikkink and Douglas Johnson
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