Legacy of Racism for Children

Legacy of Racism for Children

Psychology, Law, and Public Policy

Burke, Kelly C.; Stevenson, Margaret C.; Bottoms, Bette L.

Oxford University Press Inc






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1. The Legacy of Racism for Children's Interactions with the Law: Exploring Themes with Psychological Science
Margaret C. Stevenson, Bette L. Bottoms, and Kelly C. Burke

2. Cultural Oppression and Child Sex Trafficking: Exploring the Crossroads of Human Trafficking, Racism, and Policy
Thema Bryant-Davis and Pratyusha Tummala-Narra

3. Corporal Punishment Harms All Children: Rethinking the Culture Defense in Expert Witness Testimony in Child Abuse Cases
Stacey Patton

4. Do Race, Ethnicity, and Culture Shape the Experience and Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse?
Lindsay C. Malloy, Jessica E. Sutherland, Lillian Rodriguez-Steen, and Jodi A. Quas

5. Juvenile Dependency Court: The Role of Race in Decisions, Outcomes, and Participant Experiences
Kyndra C. Cleveland and Jodi A. Quas

6. Transracial Adoption: Psychology, Law, and Policy
Rachel H. Farr and Katie M. Hrapczynski

7. The Impact of Parental Criminal Justice Involvement on Children of Color
Keva M. Miller and Crystallee Crain

8. Racial Disproportionality in the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Katherine M. Zinsser and Shannon B. Wanless

9. Racial Minority Youths' Perceptions of the Justice System: Life on the Street
Jennifer L. Woolard and Kristin Henning

10. Race and Ethnicity as a Compound Risk Factor in Police Interrogation of Youth
Iris Blandon-Gitlin, Hayley Cleary, and Alisa Blair

11. Adults' Perceptions of Law-Involved Minority Children and Youth: Implications for Researchers and Professionals
Kelly C. Burke, Taylor Petty, Tayler M. Jones, Margaret C. Stevenson, Gent Silberkleit, and Bette L. Bottoms

12. Child Immigration: Barriers Predicated on National Origin and Racial Identity
Veronica T. Thronson and David B. Thronson

13. Children, Race, and Psychology: We Have No Time to Lose
Gail S. Goodman, LaTonya S. Harris, Deborah Goldfarb, and Yan Wang
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