Language of Fiction

Language of Fiction

Stokke, Andreas; Maier, Emar

Oxford University Press






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1: Emar Maier and Andreas Stokke: Introduction
Part I: Truth, Reference, and Imagination
2: Francois Recanati: Fictional reference as simulation
3: Hans Kamp: Sharing real and fictional reference
4: Nils Franzen: Fictional truth: In defense of the reality principle
5: Sandro Zucchi: On the generation of content
6: Manuel Garcia-Carpintero: Do the imaginings that fictions invite have a direction of fit?
Part II: Storytelling
7: Regine Eckardt: In search of the narrator
8: Emar Maier and Merel Semeijn: Extracting fictional truth from unreliable sources
9: Samuel Cumming: Narrative and point-of-view
10: Daniel Altshuler: A puzzle about narrative progression and causal reasoning
11: Matthias Bauer and Sigrid Beck: Isomorphic mapping in fictional interpretation
Part III: Perspective Shift
12: Nellie Wieland: Metalinguistic acts in fiction
13: Marta Abrusan: Computing perspective shift in narratives
14: Isidora Stojanovic: Derogatory terms in free indirect discourse
15: Andreas Stokke: Protagonist projection, character-focus, and mixed quotation
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