Individualization of War

Individualization of War

Rights, Liability, and Accountability in Contemporary Armed Conflict

Welsh, Jennifer; Akande, Dapo; Rodin, David

Oxford University Press






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Introduction: Understanding IndividualisationJennifer Welsh, Dapo Akande, and David Rodin:
Part I Extending Individualisation in the Ethics and Law of Armed Conflict
1: Adil Haque: After War and Peace
2: Anne Peters: The Direct Rights of Individuals in the International Law of Armed Conflict
3: Bradley Jay Strawser: The Supererogatory Moral Risks of Military Service
Part II Rethinking Individualisation: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives
4: Victor Tadros: Collective Values in Just and Unjust Wars
5: Benjamin Valentino: Situationism and the Individualisation of Responsibility in War
Part III The Consequences of Individualisation
6: Paola Gaeta and Abhimanyu George Jain: The Individualisation of IHL Rules through Criminalisation for War Crimes: Some (un)intended Consequences
7: Sarah Nouwen: Tensions between the Pursuit of Criminal Accountability and Other International Policy Agendas in Situations of Armed Conflict
8: Paul D. Williams: Two Decades of Civilian Protection Mandates for United Nations Peacekeepers
Part IV Beyond Formal Armed Conflict
9: Pablo Kalmanovitz and Miriam Bradley: Individualisation of Collectivisation in Contexts of Organized Criminal Violence: The Case of Mexico's 'War on Organised Crime'
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