Grammar of Copulas Across Languages

Grammar of Copulas Across Languages

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1: Maria J. Arche, Antonio Fabregas, and Rafael Marin: Main questions in the study of copulas: Categories, structures and operations 2: Nicholas Welch: Copulas and light verbs as spellouts of argument structure: Evidence from Dene languages 3: Teresa O'Neill: The support copula in the left periphery 4: Kwang-sup Kim: The copula as a nominative case marker 5: Susana Bejar, Jessica Denniss, Arsalan Kahnemuyipour, and Tomohiro Yokoyama: Number matching in binomial small clauses 6: Anna Bondaruk: Agreement with the post-verbal DP in Polish dual copula clauses 7: Jitka Barto%s161;ova and Ivona Ku%cerova: On person, animacy, and copular agreement in Czech 8: Isabelle Roy and Ur Shlonsky: Aspects of the syntax of ce in French copular sentences 9: Olga Borik: The role of the copula in the periphrastic passives in Russian 10: Luis Saez: The copula in certain Caribbean Spanish focus constructions 11: Hannah Gibson, Rozenn Guerois, and Lutz Marten: Variation in Bantu copula constructions 12: Nicoletta Loccioni: Predicational and specificational copular sentences in Logoori References
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