Governor's Dilemma

Governor's Dilemma

Indirect Governance Beyond Principals and Agents

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Part I. Theoretical Framework 1: Kenneth W. Abbott, Philipp Genschel, Duncan Snidal, and Bernhard Zangl: Competence-Control Theory: The Challenge of Governing through Intermediaries Part II. Governing Violence 2: Paul K. MacDonald: The Governor's Dilemma in Colonial Empires 3: Henry Thomson: The Authoritarian Governor's Dilemma: Controlling the Secret Police in Socialist Poland and East Germany 4: Alexander Thompson: Competence over Control: The Politics of Multilateral Weapons Inspections 5: Idean Salehyan: Militias and the Iraqi State: Shifting Modes of Indirect Governance 6: Henning Tamm: The Invader's Dilemma: Enlisting Rebel Groups 7: Andreas Kruck: Governing Private Security Companies: Politics, Dependence and Control Part III. Governing Markets 8: Jack Seddon and Walter Mattli: Governing Capital Markets 9: Felix Biermann and Berthold Rittberger: Balancing Competence and Control: Indirect Governance
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