Gambling Century

Gambling Century

Commercial Gaming in Britain from Restoration to Regency

Eglin, Prof John

Oxford University Press






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0: Introduction: The Gambling Century
1: Probability and its Discontents
2: Court to City: Gaming in Baroque Europe
3: Sons of Hazard: The Sharper in Literature, Media, and Law
4: In the Shade of the Royal Oak: Commercial Gaming by Royal Patent
5: Making Bank: The Emergence of Metropolitan Gaming Concerns
6: The Groom Porter's Dodge: The Court and Commercial Gaming
7: The Bench Versus the Banks: Policing Gaming in Westminster
8: Commercial Gaming in the Wake of the Georgian Statutes
9: The Pilgrimage to Saint James's, or, Clubs are Trumps
10: Harmless Amusements: High Politics and High Stakes
11: At Home with Faro's Daughters
12: Breaking Even: Gaming Entrepreneurship at Century's End
13: Toward the Victorian Reconfiguration of Gaming, and Afterward
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