Ethics of Surveillance in Times of Emergency

Ethics of Surveillance in Times of Emergency

Macnish, Kevin; Henschke, Adam

Oxford University Press






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List of contributors
Kevin Macnish and Adam Henschke: Introduction
Part 1: Democracy in Times of Emergency
1: Tom Sorell: Pandemic Population Surveillance: Privacy and Life-Saving
2: Patrick Taylor Smith: No States of Exception: A Neo-Republican Theory of Just Emergency Powers
3: Seumas Miller and Marcus Smith: Combating COVID 19: Surveillance, Autonomy, and Collective Responsibility
4: Haleh Asgarinia: Big Data as Tracking Technology and Problems of the Group and its Members
5: Katrina Hutchison and Jane Johnson: Epistemic Dimensions of Surveillance in Public Health Emergencies: Risks of Epistemic Injustice and Dysfunctions of Trust
Part 2: Ethics in Times of Emergency
6: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen and Kira Vrist Ronn: Surveillance without 'Baddies': Liability and Consent in Non-Antagonistic Surveillance Ethics
7: Sahar Lateef: Digital Contact Tracing Applications (DCTAs): Public Health Ethics and Emergency Surveillance
8: Kat Hadjimatheou: Surveillance, Democracy, and Protest in a Time of Climate Crisis
9: Adam Henschke: The Dynamics of Public Health Ethics: COVID-19 and Surveillance as Justifiable But Abnormal
Part 3: Ethics by Design in Surveillance Programmes
10: Bjoern Lundgren: Ethical Requirements for Digital Systems for Contact Tracing in Pandemics: A Solution to the Contextual Limits of Ethical Guidelines
11: Frej Klem Thomsen: An Unexceptional Theory of Morally Proportional Surveillance in Exceptional Circumstances
12: Kevin Macnish: Technofixing Surveillance: A Proportionate Response?
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