Eleventh Plague

Eleventh Plague

Jews and Pandemics from the Bible to COVID-19

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1. Five Golden Swellings; Pandemics in the Bible 2. The Angel of Death Walks in the Middle of the Road; Pandemics in the Talmud 3. A World Turned Upside Down; The Black Death and Bubonic Plague 4. All This Happens because of the Sins of Jacob 5. Pulverized Toads; Prayers, amulets and miracle workers 6. A Leaf of Healing; Smallpox, vaccination and hope 7. Your hand lay heavily on the inhabitants of this land; Cholera 8. Our Father Our King, Save us from this Plague; Religious responses to epidemics 9. Proper Precautions; The Jewish immigrant as a carrier of disease 10. So They Will Not Be Depressed; The Black Wedding 11. A Pandemic of Ignorance: Vaccination, hysteria and rabbinic responsibility 12. Jews and Judaism in the age of COVID 13. Conclusions
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