Early Greek Alphabets

Early Greek Alphabets

Origin, Diffusion, Uses

Parker, Robert; Steele, Philippa M.

Oxford University Press






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1: Robert Parker and Philippa M. Steele: Introduction
Part I. Origins
2: Rudolf Wachter: The Genesis of the Local Alphabets of Archaic Greece
3: Nino Luraghi: Sounds, Signs, and Boundaries
4: Rosalind Thomas: Writing and Pre-Writing at Methone and Eretria
5: Roger Woodard: Contextualizing the Origin of the Greek Alphabet
Part II. Alphabet and Language
6: Alan Johnston: Dodona and the Concept of Local Scripts
7: Julian Mendez Dosuna: The Pronunciation of Upsilon and Related Matters: A U-Turn
8: Sophie Minon: Letter Forms and Distinctive Spellings: Date and Context of the New Festival Calendar from Arkadia
Part III. Themes and Regions
9: Andrew Meadows: Local Scripts on Archaic Coins: Distribution and Function
10: James Whitley: Regions within Regions: Patterns of Epigraphic Habits within Archaic Crete
11: Angelos Matthaiou: New Archaic Inscriptions: Attica, the Attic-Ionic Islands of the Cyclades, and the Dorian islands
12: Nikolaos Papazarkadas: Boeotian Inscriptions in Epichoric Script: A Conspectus
13: Alessandro Naso and Enrico Benelli: Etruria between the Iron Age and Orientalizing Period and the Adoption of Alphabetic Writing
14: Kathryn Lomas: The Greek Alphabet in South-East Italy: The Culture of Writing Between Greeks and Non-Greeks
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