Complexities of Morphology

Complexities of Morphology

Gardani, Francesco; Arkadiev, Peter

Oxford University Press






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1: Peter Arkadiev and Francesco Gardani: Introduction: Complexities in morphology
Part I: The language-specific perspective
2: Jeff Parker and Andrea D. Sims: Irregularity, paradigmatic layers, and the complexity of inflection class systems: A study of Russian nouns
3: John Mansfield and Rachel Nordlinger: Demorphologization and deepening complexity in Murrinhpatha
4: Felicity Meakins and Sasha Wilmoth: Overabundance resulting from language contact: Complex cell-mates in Gurindji Kriol
5: Fabiola Henri, Gregory Stump, and Delphine Tribout: Derivation and the morphological complexity of three French-based creoles
6: Michele Loporcaro: Simplification and complexification in Wolof noun morphology and morphosyntax
Part II: The crosslinguistic perspective
7: Johanna Nichols: Canonical complexity
8: Francesca Di Garbo: The complexity of grammatical gender and language ecology
9: Adam J. R. Tallman and Patience Epps: Morphological complexity, autonomy, and areality in western Amazonia
Part III: The acquisitional perspective
10: John H. McWhorter: Radical analyticity as a diagnostic of adult acquisition
11: Aleksandrs Berdicevskis and Arturs Semenuks: Different trajectories of morphological overspecification and irregularity under imperfect language learning
12: Marianne Mithun: Where is morphological complexity?
13: OEsten Dahl: Morphological complexity and the minimum description length approach
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