Compleat Victory

Compleat Victory

Saratoga and the American Revolution

Weddle, Kevin J.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Chapter 1: Opening Moves
Chapter 2: The First Invasion
Chapter 3: A New British Strategy
Chapter 4: A Question of American Command
Chapter 5: Laying the Groundwork
Chapter 6: The Fall of Fort Ticonderoga
Chapter 7: Defeat, Retreat, Disgrace
Chapter 8: Aftershocks
Chapter 9: Burgoyne Moves South
Chapter 10: The Ordeal of Philip Schuyler
Chapter 11: The Murder of Jane McCrea
Chapter 12: Not to Make a Ticonderoga of It
Chapter 13: Oriskany and Relief
Chapter 14: Cat and Mouse
Chapter 15: Burgoyne's Dilemma
Chapter 16: The Battle of Bennington
Chapter 17: Gates takes Command
Chapter 18: The Battle of Freeman's Farm
Chapter 19: Sir Henry Clinton to the Rescue
Chapter 20: The Battle of Bemis Heights
Chapter 21: Retreat, Pursuit, and Surrender
Chapter 22: British Reassessment
Chapter 23: The Fruits of Victory
Conclusion: Strategy and LeadershipA
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