Battle over Patents

Battle over Patents

History and Politics of Innovation

Haber, Stephen H.; Lamoreaux, Naomi R.

Oxford University Press Inc






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Preface Stephen Haber and Naomi R. Lamoreaux

Introduction Stephen Haber and Naomi R. Lamoreaux

Chapter 1. Patents in the History of the Semiconductor Industry: The Ricardian Hypothesis
Alexander Galetovic

Chapter 2. Do Patents Foster International Technology Transfer? Evidence from Spanish Steelmaking, 1850-1930
Victor Menaldo

Chapter 3. Did James Watt's Patent(s) Really Delay the Industrial Revolution?
Sean Bottomley

Chapter 4. Dousing the Fires of Patent Litigation
Christopher Beauchamp

Chapter 5. Ninth Circuit Nursery: Patent Litigation and Industrial Development on the Pacific Coast, 1891-1925
Steven W. Usselman

Chapter 6. The Great Patent Grab
Jonathan M. Barnett

Chapter 7. The Long History of Software Patenting in the United States
Gerardo Con Diaz

Chapter 8. History Matters: National Innovation Systems and Innovation Policies in Nations
B. Zorina Khan

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