Aristocracy in England and Tuscany, 1000 - 1250

Aristocracy in England and Tuscany, 1000 - 1250

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1: Introduction Part One: The Tuscan Aristocracy 2: The Contextual Framework 3: The Aristocracy in City and Contado: Florence and the Fiorentino 4: The Aristocrazia Consolare: Pisa in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries (c. 1000 - c. 1150) 5: Beyond the City: The Counts Guidi and their World 6: The Aristocracy of Southern Tuscany 7: Conflict and Stability within the Tuscan Aristocracy 8: From Knighthood to Nobility Part Two: The Aristocracy in England 9: The Aristocracy in 'Carolingian' England 10: The Structure and Articulation of Aristocratic Society in Anglo-Norman England 11: At the Apex of the Aristocracy: The Earls of Chester as Case Study 12: The Nobility and the State in Angevin and Post-Angevin England 13: Reflections Bibliography
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