Taking Stock of Shock

Taking Stock of Shock

Social Consequences of the 1989 Revolutions

Orenstein, Mitchell; Ghodsee, Kristen

Oxford University Press Inc






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Authors' Note on Terminology
Introduction: Transition from Communism - Qualified Success or Utter Catastrophe?
Part One: The Economic Evidence
Chapter One: The Plan for a J-Curve Transition
Chapter Two: Plan Meets Reality
Chapter Three: Modifying the Framework
Chapter Four: Counter-Narratives of Catastrophe
Part Two: The Demographic Evidence
Chapter Five: Where Have All the People Gone?
Chapter Six: The Mortality Crisis
Chapter Seven: Collapse in Fertility
Chapter Eight: Outmigration Crisis
Part Three: The Public Opinion Evidence
Chapter Nine: Disappointment with Transition
Chapter Ten: Public Opinion of Winners and Losers
Chapter Eleven: Evaluations Shift Over Time
Chapter Twelve: Towards a New Social Contract?
Part Four: The Ethnographic Evidence
Chapter Thirteen: Portraits of Desperation
Chapter Fourteen: Resistance is Futile
Chapter Fifteen: Return to the Past
Chapter Sixteen: The Patriotism of Despair
Conclusion: Towards an Inclusive Prosperity
Appendix: Data Sources
Selected Bibliography
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