Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Research Directions To Advance the Field

Basevitch, Itay; Filho, Edson

Oxford University Press Inc






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Edson Filho and Itay Basevitch
Section 1 Performance and Learning
Chapter 1 Advancing Research on Efficacy Beliefs
Deborah L. Feltz and Mark R. Beauchamp
Chapter 2 Attention
Ronnie Lidor and Gal Ziv
Chapter 3 Choking Under Pressure
Christopher Mesagno, Felix Ehrlenspiel, Vanessa Wergin, and Peter Groepel
Chapter 4 Flow and Clutch States
Christian Swann, Scott G. Goddard, Patricia C. Jackman, Matthew J. Schweickle, and Stewart A. Vella
Chapter 5 Mental Skills
Dave Collins and Hugh Richards
Chapter 6 Mental Toughness
Robert Weinberg and Joanne Butt
Chapter 7 Expert Performance
Joe Baker and Brad Young
Chapter 8 Decision-Making
Itay Basevitch and Gershon Tenenbaum
Chapter 9 Mind-Body Interaction in Sport Psychophysiology
Maurizio Bertollo, Marika Berchici, and Selenia Di Fronso
Chapter 10 Genetics
Sigal Ben Zaken
Chapter 11 Group Dynamics
Edson Filho and Francisco Miguel Leo
Chapter 12 Athlete Leadership
Todd M. Loughead, Krista J. Munroe-Chandler, Katherine E. Hirsch, and Matthieu M. Boisvert
Section 2 Health and Well-Being
Chapter 13 Mental Health
Brad Donohue, Gavin Breslin, and Shane Murphy
Chapter 14 Affective Responses to Exercise
Panteleimon Ekkekakis and Mark E. Hartman
Chapter 15 Health Behavior and Exercise Adherence
Selen Razon and Michael Sachs
Chapter 16 Mindfulness in Exercise Psychology
Sarah Ullrich-French and Anne E. Cox
Chapter 17 Exercise and Aging
Michel Audiffren and Nathalie Andre
Chapter 18 Youth Sport
Daniel Gould and Michael Mignano
Chapter 19 Transitions and Change
Roy David Samuel
Chapter 20 Fatigue, Overtraining, and Burnout
Robert C. Eklund and J. D. DeFreese
Chapter 21 Injury and Concussion
Leslie Podlog, Stefanie Podlog, and Jeffrey G. Caron
Chapter 22 Moral Behavior and Doping
Vassilis Barkoukis and Anne-Marie Elbe
Section 3 Cultural and Professional Issues
Chapter 23 Ethics
Jack C. Watson II, Brandonn S. Harris, and Megan Byrd
Chapter 24 Cross-Cultural, Multi-Cultural, and Intercultural Issues
Thierry R. F. Middleton, Robert J. Schinke, Brennan Petersen, and Cole E. Giffin
Chapter 25 Supervision
Tod David, Martin Eubank, Hayley E. McEwan, Charlotte Chandler, and Moira Lafferty
Itay Basevitch and Edson Filho
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