Sociological foundations of education in Africa

Sociological foundations of education in Africa

Perspectives, Contexts and Contemporary Issues

Runhare, Tawanda; Gwirayi, Pesanayi

Oxford University Press Southern Africa






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PART A: Sociological perspectives on education; Chapter 1 Historical development of sociology and sociology of education, and emergence of African sociological thought; Chapter 2 Why teachers in Africa should study and co-create the sociology of education; Chapter 3 Macrosociological study of education in African settings; Chapter 4 Shining a microsociological lens on education in African settings; PART B: Education as an agent of socialisation; Chapter 5 Socialisation, education and the African context; Chapter 6 The nexus between social stratification and education in Africa; Chapter 7 Financing of higher education: The impact of #FeesMustFall in the South African education context; Chapter 8 Gender socialisation and education: Unfolding the theoretical and African perspective
PART C: Contemporary issues relating to education in Africa; Chapter 9 Globalisation and its impact on education in Africa; Chapter 10 The organisation and role of education in Africa; Chapter 11 Child abuse in African settings; PART D: Education and development in Africa; Chapter 12 Education and socio-economic development in Africa; Chapter 13 From colonialism to decolonisation and Africanisation of education; Chapter 14 Educational inflation: The emerging diploma disease in Africa; Chapter 15 Information and communication technologies and educational change in Africa; Chapter 16 The space of schools in social organisations
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