Social and Conceptual Issues in Astrobiology

Social and Conceptual Issues in Astrobiology

Smith, Kelly C.; Mariscal, Carlos

Oxford University Press Inc






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To the Humanities and Beyond: Exploring the Broader Questions in Astrobiology Kelly Smith and Carlos Mariscal

Part I - Historical Background
Astrobiology and Society: An Overview Steve Dick
Hell Is Other Planets: Extraterrestrial Life in the Western Theological Imagination Derek Malone-France

Part II - What is Life?
Three Lives and Astrobiology Lucas Mix
Dimensions of Life Definitions Emily Parke
Meaning of the Living State Cole Mathis
Life as It Could Be Luis Campos

Part III - Philosophical Issues in Astrobiology
Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence? The Proper Role of Sagan's Dictum in Astrobiology? Sean McMahon
Re-thinking Conceptual Intelligence and the Astrobiology Debate Jason J. Howard
What are Extremophiles? A Philosophical Perspective Carlos Mariscal and Tyler Brunet

Part IV - Ethical Issues in Astrobiology
Convergences in the Ethics of Space Exploration Brian Green
Ethics and Extra-Terrestrials: What obligations will we have to extra-terrestrial life? What obligations will it have to us? Adam Potthast
METI or REGRETTI: Ethics, Risk and Alien Contact Kelly C. Smith

Part V - Social and Legal Issues in Astrobiology
Earth, Life, Space: The social construction of the biosphere and the expansion of the concept into outer space Linda Billings
Myth-Free Space Advocacy Part IV: The Myth of Public Support for Astrobiology Jim Schwartz
Environmental Law and Space Exploration Christopher J. Newman
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